Sunday, February 25, 2007


I've decided not to watch them this year.

5:50 Where'smy remote control?
6:00 Did the oscars start at 5:30? Best Supporting Actir alkreeadt. Alan Arkn -- good. He's my sentimental favorite.I hopoe Peter O'Toole wins Best Actor. I saw Becket this weekend. I had seen it in hiotsory class in high school, and liked it a lot. Everything about the movie was great. O'Toole and Richard Burton give lively perforances. And yet I was bored senseless. A shame. There was a homoeroticism that couldn't have been accidental, with Buton towling off O'Toole, for example, or O'Toole complaianing about a sore rear end after a night of carousing with O'Toole. The men were famous wastrels, and I cannot beleive they didn't know the implications of their dialogue. O'Toole is a standout, of course. When he weeps over the end if his friendship with Burton, I teared as well. It's sshame the movie wasn't shorter.
Sometime between 6:15 and like maybe 6:40 Oy my god. Al Gore is totally running for president. I wonder, thoguht. He's following Obama's show of making some joke announcement on an entertainment rogram, so it's like he'd doing a cover version. But a while ago I read an artitcle that predicted if Gore was thin and clean-shaven at the Oscars, then he was running. And so he was. Still, I support barack Obama. I woujld suipport a Gore/Obama ticket, although I hope it doesn't come to that. I should call somebody.
Sometime between 6:20 and like maybe 6:45 No, I guess I won't.
7:00 Meryl Streep is a good actress. I thought she was totally tharing down Anne Hathaway and that other girl. Cute skit.
7:09 Oh, I've been sdrinking. As an acto of comendy, I'klk not be correcting sopelling errors inthese posts,.
7:10 Herscholdt Award? Public serviuce is for gfags.
7:12 Ahh... Gweneth. Sigh...
7:13 I had kind of a disturbing weekend. That just occired to me.
7:25 Isn't it a little... arrogant that Guisepe Tornatore would score a montage of tribute to international cinema with the famous score from one of his own movies?
7:28 I'm bored, just like I was bored during the inteminable previews in front of Becket. why are movies sdo boring? I hate movies.
7:29 I guess I should say foreign movies. God, I am such a redneck.
7:30 I was pretty impressed by all the avaiulable parking on Capitol Hill last night. My friend Monica comments, I guess this is what it is like when you start drinking at 7:20 at night.
7:31 And on Friday, my friend Beth drank me under the table. Also, the gut who won best foreign film, I think, he was hyperventialting. It was weak and pathetic. Fool.
7:32 Christ, Ellen Degeneres sucks. I think the best recent oscar host was Steve Martin. I liked his joke about kidnapping an eight-year-old and forcing him to watch the Two Towers.
7:34 Bets supporting Actress. I don't think I've seen any of these movies. I saw Little Miss Sunshine. I liked the little girl. I hoipe she wins. She was cute earlier. George Cloony is so dreamy...
7:41 I was seriously plannig on not watch8ng the OScars again this year. And yet, here I am.
7:42 I winoudl love to watch Eva Green and Gabrial Garcia Bernal have sex. I can;t keep watching them. It; like staring into Sex's Sun.
7:48 Al Gore it toally running for President. Go Obama.
7:50 Clint Eastwood is every bit the Ennio Morricone fan as the rest of us. This is a very moving tribute to Il Maestro. Morricon'e new song is not that great. The music would be better served without lyrics. "Here's to You" not excepted, Morricone's music need no words.
8:46 The Memorial montage was especially sad this year, with Alida Valli's death. And Phillippe Noirett's. And James Doohan. Peter Boyle. And of course. Robert Altman. Tough year.
8:52 Best Actress. I wish there was a way for Helen Mirren to win this every year. She is so beautiful.
8:54 Horray!
9:07 Spielberg, Lucas and Coppola? The fix is in for Scorcese.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I shot this scene about six years ago, for Shoot the Girl. Ironically, my car was stolen this very morning. Is it ironic? Because it didn't go down like in this clip. But life has imitated art.

Get a club.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Um,wow. Britney Spears has shaved her head.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007