Thursday, April 17, 2008


From Slate:
After months of study, it now seems fairly certain that breathing aerosolized hog brain tissue triggers an immune response in the human body that is responsible for these workers' ailments.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Matthew Yglesias makes a good point about the Iraq debate. Every doomsday scenario given to argue for keeping US troops in Iraq ends up happening anyway.
This, though, has been the time-honored debating ploy of the Iraq forever crowd for years. I recall in 2005 when the troops needed to stay or else there would be ethnic cleansing. So the troops stayed and guess what happened in 2006? Ethnic cleansing. Then when the ethnic cleansing ended, that proved our deployment was working and had to be continued.
I think we can take this farther. Right now we need to maintain troop levels to keep the progress made by the surge and support the Maliki government. Therefore, by the end of 2008, we'll have lost all gains made by the surge, and the Maliki government will have collapsed.

David has spoken.


Bloggers are finding a nice underreported story about our most Christian President Ever. From Kevin Drum:
Martha Raddatz asked Bush why, during the spiraling violence in Iraq in the summer of 2006, he kept insisting publicly that things were going well:

BUSH: Well, yes. I think we — and I wanted — that's as much trying to bolster the spirits of the people in the field as well as — look, you can't have the commander in chief say to a bunch of kids who are sacrificing either, "It's not worth it," or, "You're losing." I mean, what does that do for morale?

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, blah blah blah."


The wikipedia page for scrapple. I had no idea it is arguably America's first invented pork food. My mom used to prepare it all the time when I was growing up in Maryland.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I've decided to start recording various incidents of politicians referring to Barack Obama as a "boy." I almost started this when Bill Clonton called him a "kid," but nobody else seemed to think is was meant in "that way," aside from the people defending Clinton. If the country surprises me by abstaining from the gutter, I'll devote the space to coverage of the modern-day exploits of New Kids on the Block.

Republicans talk about Iraq, Obama at N. Ky. dinner

U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis, a Hebron Republican, compared Obama and his message for change similar to a "snake oil salesman."

He said in his remarks at the GOP dinner that he also recently participated in a "highly classified, national security simulation" with Obama.

"I'm going to tell you something: That boy's finger does not need to be on the button," Davis said. "He could not make a decision in that simulation that related to a nuclear threat to this country."


Economics blogger Megan McArdle on how to make out with tall chicks:
... kissing her standing up will feel desperately weird if you are not at least 6'4, and if you are taller than her, it will feel weird to her (don't be surprised if she stands on her tiptoes in an unconscious attempt to get back to "normal"). Also, all of your normal instincts for that special moment will result in awkward crane-like movements of your head as you discover that nothing is where you expect it to be. Unless you think that you can finesse this smoothly, best to make your initial move while sitting down.
I read McArdle's blog every day or so. I find it entertaining and breezily written. And occasionally, dirty.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Fla. Teens Believe Drinking Bleach Will Prevent HIV

Some Teens Also Believe Mountain Dew Will Stop Pregnancy

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Florida teens who believe drinking a cap of bleach will prevent HIV and a shot of Mountain Dew will stop pregnancy have prompted lawmakers to push for an overhaul of sex education in the state.

Another myth is that Florida teens also believe that smoking marijuana will prevent a person from getting pregnant, Local 6 reported.

State lawmakers said the myths are spreading because of Florida's abstinence-only sex education, Local 6 reported.

They are proposing a bill that would require a more comprehensive approach, the report said.

It would still require teaching abstinence but students would also learn about condoms and other methods of birth control and disease prevention.

The bill just passed its first vote in a committee, Local 6 reported.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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I heard "Love You 'Til Tuesday" for the first time this morning. What a scary song. When I got to the part about him lurking in tree branches, I turned the song off, because I was sure it wouldn't have a happy ending. "Don't be afraid it's only me, hoping for a little romance" is something a serial killer would say.

Friday, April 04, 2008


In this week's Savage Love, Dan Savage devotes his sex advice column to memorialize his mother, who passed away on Monday.

Forgive the cliché: My mom gave me so much. She gave me life, of course, and some other stuff besides: her sense of humor, her bionic bullshit detectors, her colossal sweet tooth. She also gave me—she gave all four of her children (Bill, Ed, Dan, Laura)—her unconditional love. Long after I came out, she told me she always suspected that I might be gay; I was the quiet one, the boy who liked Broadway musicals and baking cakes and shared her passion for Strauss waltzes. When I asked my parents to take me to the national tour of A Chorus Line for my 13th birthday, that should have settled the matter. Your third son? Total fag, lady. But my parents were Catholic and religious and it somehow still came as a shock when I told them. My mother came around fast and she came out swinging—rainbow stickers on her car, a PFLAG membership card in her wallet, and an ultimatum delivered to the whole family: Anyone who had a problem with me had a problem with her.

It's a beautiful piece. She sounds like a remarkable woman, and Dan was lucky to have her for his mother. My condolences and respect.