Friday, April 23, 2004

There's a somewhat amusing article on Salon about the Columbine massacre, five years later. It's full of Salon's annoying liberal piety, but as is the case in most articles about mass murderers, there's entertainment to be had:

Rohrbough also blames the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for looking away from the menace Klebold and Harris had become. At its fairgrounds press conference, the department revealed that it had had no fewer than 15 contacts with Harris and Klebold in the two years leading up the killings. Besides the complaints about snowballs, prank calls, and the burglarized van, the police had been called twice about a Web site Harris had created, in which he threatened death and destruction. On the site, he openly discussed the testing of pipe bombs that he had built and named Atlanta, Pholus, Peltro and Pazzie. "Each has a 14' mortar shell type fuse," Harris wrote, at the age of 15. "Now our only problem is to find the place that will be 'Ground Zero.'" (In the days immediately after the shootings, Sheriff's Department officials would deny that they knew these Web pages even existed).

Atlanta, Pholus, Peltro and Pazzie.

Now, I may be crazy. but I've never actually named my pipe bombs. Rifles? Sure. Severed limbs I've collected? Of course. But bombs? That's fucking nutty.

As a side note, I've noticed that the featured personals of the day that are advertised on Salon tend to be a lot older and less attractive than the ones on other sites I visit.

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