Monday, December 04, 2006


On my super-secret private home email account, I started getting Myspace emails for one Cheryl. As far as impersonations go, this is pretty benign. But interesting.

Looking over her profile, Cheryl appears to be a member of a clique of teenagers from Puyallup, Washington who like to joke on Myspace that they're from Australia. Or maybe they're all from Australia, and and they're stuck in Puyallup for the nonce.

Cheryl has this to say about herself:

I'm not like most other girls.
I have dreams, visions, goals.
My morals are higher than high in the value of my life.
My name is Cheryl.
I am originally from Australia.
I lived in Perth, The Gold Coast, Melbourne, and many other areas around that "oh-so-small" continent. ;)
I moved to Puyallup this November,
I currently attend Rogers High School.
I start school this Monday.
But I might move back to Australia this week if plans change.
Who knows.
I'm not prone to cliques.
I'd rather be friends with everyone,
Rather than be hated, or hate, because he, she, or I am someone.
I am a model.
I do not have a label.
Please do not label me.
My modelling career is off to a good start,
And I'm ready to conquer the world.
You're wasting your time if you don't give it a try.

I sent Cheryl an email letting her know our wires have crossed. Then I went ahead and send "friend requests" to all of her friends, figuring if Cheryl wants to use my email address, then I should be able to pillage from her friend count. Amusingly, [[ALL I WANT 4 CHRISTMAS IS... to be loved bii u! approved me immediately -- like, within fifteen seconds.

I suppose email addresses get confused all the time, so this isn't like some kind of cosmic identity coincidence. But I find the cross more interesting than with Toronto Mayor David Miller, for example, or the many Dave Millers who work in craft services in the film industry. I can only agree with a few of the statements by Cheryl about herself (I, too am a model, and I share the optimism), but really can't get behind the pink colored font she used (I don't know how to change font color in html). But we're both the kind of people who use very specific syringe references in an email addresses. Strange. It's amazing the kind of connections you find, in the strangest ways. I always suspected my life might oddly intersect with a group of teenage girls someday. It's a little Twin Peaks-esque. I'm realieved I'm not a drug dealer in this situation.

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