Thursday, April 09, 2009


National Review has "clarified" their thinking on the gay marriage plague that's so tempting straight white men like me. One sentence in particular jumped out at me:

Both as a social institution and as a public policy, marriage exists to foster connections between heterosexual sex and the rearing of children within stable households.

Doesn't that sound like something General Jack D. Ripper would say?

Andrew Sullivan points out that National Review is at least being consistent. From 1957:

Twenty-year-olds do not generally have the vote, and it is not seriously argued that the difference between 20 and 21-year-olds is the difference between slavery and freedom. The residents of the District of Columbia do not vote: and the population of D.C. increases by geometric proportion. Millions who have the vote do not care to exercise it; millions who have it do not know how to exercise it and do not care to learn. The great majority of the Negroes of the South who do not vote do not care to vote, and would not know for what to vote if they could.

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