Sunday, March 21, 2004

I keep meaning to review THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST but am having trouble boiling down my rather technic criticisms of the inept acting, thoughtless direction and gay-goth-fetish style. However, "FulciGirl" has some interesting things to say: "It is a Jesus Guinea Pig film! In Japan they`re expecting it to be released in a box set with Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Devil`s Experiment, Mermaid in a Manhole, Android of Notre Dame and "He Never Dies". It`s going to be re-titled "MAKE JESUS DIE SLOWLY!" And will feature the scenes edited out of the PASSION by the MPAA! Scenes which shows Jesus having hooks being driven through his nipples and being pulled into the air by thousands of angry jewish children! And then the rabid demon children kill and eat his hamster! Which was a real hamster! Mel had to cut out that bit of the movie cause PETA would have been down on his ASS! Hell hath no fury like PETA scorned! I can`t wait! THREE HOURS OF UNCUT JESUS DEATH!! WOooooooOoooo!"

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