Thursday, March 25, 2004


Available now in bookstores, comic shops and newsstands! Four generations of cartoonists -namely JULES FEIFFER, ART SPIEGELMAN, CHRIS WARE, and the late AL HIRSCHFELD- talk with each other about their art. The issue also includes essays and features on a broad range of topics, including R. FIORE on THE SIMPSONS, ALEXANDER THEROUX on CHRIS WARE, never-before-published comic strips by JACK DAVIS, never-before-published excerpts from AL HIRSCHFELD's sketchbooks, DONALD PHELPS on BEN KATCHOR, and a tribute to the late BILL MAULDIN. Last but hardly least is our "Cartoonists On" section, boasting of comics-form essays, short stories and vignettes from today's finest cartoonists on the topic of "The Shock of Recognition" - including the likes of RICK ALTERGOTT, HO CHE ANDERSON, PHOEBE GLOECKNER, BILL GRIFFITH, CAROL SWAIN, SHUNJI ENOMOTO, RICK GEARY, LOS BROS HERNANDEZ, HIDESHI HINO, MIKE KUPPERMAN, SPAIN and many more!

Oddly not mentioned in the copy is MY article on feminist slapstick pornographer Molly Kiely. I'll post it once the shelf life is over, but it turned out pretty good.

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